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Название: No B.S. Price Strategy", "Big Mouth Big Money" (на русском)
Автор: Дэн Кеннеди
Год выпуска: не известно
Цена: 15 000 рублей (за перевод 2 книг)
Сайт 1: http://www.amazon.com/B-S-Price-Strategy-Prisoners-...s+price+strategy
Сайт 2: http://www.gkicresourcecenter.com/product/big-mouth-big-money/
No B.S. Price Strategy (описание на английском):
Millionaire maker Dan S. Kennedy and marketing strategist Jason Marrs dare you to re-examine your every belief about pricing and empower you to take a more creative, more effective, bold approach to your price—and prosperity.
Kennedy and Marrs don’t offer little tricks, like new ways to say 50% off, half off, or 2 for 1. They tell you the secret to setting prices for the greatest gain. Then they teach you how to avoid the ultimate price and fee failures—like attracting customers who buy by price. You’ll discover how to compete with FREE, learn how to discount without damage, and uncover the key to price elasticity. Most importantly, you’ll grasp how to use price to your extreme advantage and grant yourself the power to be as profitable as possible.

Big Mouth Big Money (описание на английском):

From Dan S. Kennedy: Over 250 professional speakers attended my last-ever Speaking Business Boot Camp – each paying about $3,000 to do so. Now I want to give you a complete summary of that valuable “How To” information and of my entire 30 year career, at a monstrous discount.
Who Would Like To Know Dan Kennedy’s Insider Secrets For Making Huge Sums From 30 Years In The Speaking Business?
I have written a giant manual covering my 30 years in speaking, my years “on tour” with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, etc., the evolution and development of the publishing and coaching businesses I built via speaking, and most importantly, my most prized strategies for making very large sums of money from speaking as well as the many other income sources fueled by speaking. The manual is a condensation of strategies MANY have paid thousands of dollars to obtain from me. It is a ruthlessly candid, blunt, nothing-held-back, No B.S. view of the business. It contains “the cure for the common speaking business”, prescriptions, business models that liberate you from the ugly norms: unpredictable, feast-or-famine income, for example.
Now let me tell YOU the 11 REASONS why you MUST pay attention to what I have to say about making big money from speaking and invest in this manual:
Do You Want To Know About Distribution and Licensing Your Products?
Do You Want To Know About Speaking At “Big Events” Such As Rallies And Public Seminars?
Do You Want To Know About “Big Payday” Seminars and ëBoot Camps’?
Do You Want To Know About The Seminar Business?
Do You Want To Know About Authorship and Published Books?
Do You Want To Know How To Use Speaking to Create a Paid Subscription Newsletter Business?
Do You Want To Know The Truth About Using The Internet to Get Speaking Dates?
Do You Want To Know About Getting A Steady Stream of Really Good Speaking Engagements Flowing To You?
Do You Want To Know About Platform Selling?
Do You Want To Know About Coaching?
Do You Want To Know About Exit Strategies?
How To Get Speaking Engagements In A “Zero Competition Zone”; This strategy can liberate you from meeting planner and committee hassles, fee negotiations, and works with national, regional or state trade, industry and professional associations. You can speak 50 to 100 times a year if you like and never compete (grovel?) for one of a few “slots” on an association’s convention program again. IN MY MANUAL: I take you through this strategy step-by-step, A to Z.
How To Become Famous For Free. In Any Niche Market Of Your Choice. In 180 Days -And Have Eager Clients Calling You …To Book You To Speak. No, this is NOT ‘publicity.’ This is a very sophisticated business model I invented and have perfected. It has been used to elevate unknowns to “guru status” in over 70 different niche markets. IN MY MANUAL: I will show you actual examples, discuss actual case histories, and even direct you to web sites where you can view their entire marketing programs.
How To Do Half The Dates For Twice The Money. Okay, maybe you STILL love airports even in the post 9-11 world. The lovely smell of stale Carmel Corn, gray steamed hot dogs, sweat. Long lines. Being frisked. More power to you. But if you’re sane, you’ve realized that the speakers bragging to each other about how many dates they cram into a year and sharing travel horror stories are idiots. IN MY MANUAL: Through careful selection, smart pre-date, at-date and post¨date marketing, elevated guru status, and other strategies, I can show you how to at least triple your current fee in net earnings per engagement, so you can work less, make more.
How To Become A “Brand Name” – like Zig, Covey, Blanchard. But more importantly, how to create and leverage “practical” name identity. IN MY MANUAL: a critical look at ‘branding’, and a practical approach.
How To Run A Multiple Income Stream. Million Dollars- Speaking-Driven Info-Business With Little Or No Staff. At one time in my business life I had 42 employees. I’d rather be Saddam Hussein’s food taster than do that again. In recent years and now, I have but one staff person. I speak, run a coaching business, consulting business, write and publish my monthly newsletter, send out direct-mail campaigns, all with but one staff person. IN MY MANUAL: we’ll discuss the governing philosophy that has guided my business and that has been embraced by many of my clients.
How To Get Your Own Engagements. Keep The Money You Earn And Control Your Destiny.
How To Avoid Huge. Income-Destroying Mistakes With Your Products. Like: why your products must NOT look like Nightingale products.
How To Do Business On YOUR Terms.
There’s a lot more in this manual. It traces my 25 years in speaking, what I learned, what I wish I’d figured out a lot sooner than I did, “war stories”, funny episodes, tragedies, humor – in addition to all the practical strategies useful in your business, that might even change the way you do business.
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Дэн Кеннеди - две книги - "No B.S. Price Strategy", "Big Mouth Big Money" (на русском)

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